Learn to speak with
Huni App

Speech Recognition powered Speech Training SLP App designed for children.

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Designed with
accessibility in mind

Works in both Phones and Tablets

Enjoy Huni App in both iOS and Android, helping your kid communicate with the use of a phone or a tablet.

Super autism-friendly colors

Re-thinking accessibility with the support of Autism friendly color palettes. Every choice of colors are hand-picked from our very own autism friendly color generator.

Supports Voice Recognition and TTS

Huni app uses voice recognation for training, also has text-to-speech voice that users can use to learn the pronounciations.

Control Huni AI
the way you want

Control app access

Option to set control app access within the settings of Huni app

Related Category Groups

All the speech cards are grouped in categories for training

Different Language Accents

Choose the language accent that your child is comfortable with