Assistive Games

See the games made with assistive cards library, the games we made and keeping updates, we will also list games you are or will make at this page.

Memory Cards

Memory card match game, test your memory

Silhouette Match

Match the silhouettes of objects with right one

Circle Objects

Draw a circle around the right object

Card Crash

Classic match-3 game with assistive cards

Card Blast

Blast the cards similar to each other by tapping

Split Puzzle

Solve the puzzle split into 4 quarters

Hatch & Match

Hatch the egg and match the right objects

Match Pairs

Match cards split into two to each other

Draw Lines

Draw continuous lines between right objects

Complete The Set

Complete the Silhouette set by matching


Scratch a card sticker completely

Card Chain

Domino style two-ended card matching

Piece Puzzle

Complete puzzle split into weird shapes

Finger Paint

Paint objects with fingers

Bucket Catch

Catch falling objects in a bucket

Sling Objects

Sling objects into boxes with fingers

Rope Cut

Cut the rope for the right object

Count Objects

Count the objects and select the right number

Choose Objects

Listen and choose the right object

Match Objects

Drag and drop cards and match the right ones

Drag Inside

Drag and drop right cards into the area

Press Cards

Count and press on the cards the right amount of time

Draw Shapes

Draw geometric shapes around right objects

Sort Cards

Sort the cards with the given right order

Card Fishing

Fish the right card from water with your rod

Stack Cards

Stack the right cards on top of each other

Size Puzzle

Choose the right size of card

Find Cards

Memorize the cards when they are open

Card Ninja

Cut the right objects by swiping on them

Card Whack

Whack the right card by tapping on it

Card Shoot

Shoot the right cards with your ball

Alphabet Order

Order cards by Alphabetical order

Alphabet Choose

Choose the object that starts with given letter

First Letter

Choose the letter that given objects starts with

Card Rumble

Pick the right card from moving cards

Card Balance

Balance the cards on top of each other in order

Throw Cards

Throw right objects to pop them

Card Goal

Throw the right object into goal post

Pattern Train

Follow the pattern of the cards and choose right one

Snake Cards

Eat cards with classic snake game

Letter Find

Find the card with hangman style game

Needle & Thread

Thread the right cards using your string

Card Maze

Try to get your card out of maze

Swap Cards

Swap the right cards to make the groups same

Word Hunt

Find the given word in the crossword puzzle

Follow Path

Follow the right path to find the same card

Spell Cards

Arrange the letters in the right order to spell the card

Grid Find

Find the right card in the card grid